Thor Jr

Thor is a 6 month old puppy who was abandoned by his owners because his back legs didn't work properly. Thor was diagnosed with a spinal condition which is why he has trouble walking.  Thor has been going through intense rehabilitation everyday to better his chance being able to walk again. He is so sweet and absolutely loves attention. He will steal your heart. He needs a medical foster or adopter who is willing to work with Thor! There will be help provided to a foster or an adopter on how to work with him and how to handle a special needs dog. Thor is continuing to make progress- most noticeably in in his overall stability. He is better able to engage to his core maintain balance and prevent himself from falling when standing/walking. He is also able to posture better for potty purposes and does not end up sitting down when using the bathroom. Another noticeable improvement is that he is filling out a bit in general-his spine and bones in his hind limbs are not as prominent as before. We have started some dry treadmill therapies in addition to underwater treadmill he receives cold laser therapy, stretches, body awareness training/strenghtening exercises, and electroacupuncture. Thanks to everyone's donations and support Thor is improving everyday! He is starting to be more mobile and can now go potty on his own! He is the sweetest boy and he truly is a super hero of a dog who keeps on pushing to progress! There will be help provided to whoever fosters/adopts him. We have a volunteer who is a vet tech who specializes in handicap dogs and she can come over to work with Thor and teach you how to handle him and his exercises!  He's great with other dogs and is looking for his forever home!  If you're interested in giving this sweet boy a second chance at life please apply online today!

**Thank you for your interest in one of our rescue pups! An approved application, which includes a home check and phone interview, are required and needs to be done prior to scheduling a meet and greet. We are not a public shelter and all of our rescue dogs live privately with a volunteer at our ranch! You can start by filling out an application on our website and we will immediately start working on it! **

Species: Dog
Breed: Siberian Husky
Aprox Full Grown Weight: 40-50 lbs
Color: Black & White
Eye Color: Blue
Spayed/Neutered: YES
Up to date on shots: YES
Location: Jupiter, Fl
Special Needs: YES
Good With Young Children (Age 5-12): YES
Good With Teens (Age 13-19): YES
Good With Adults (Age 20-69): YES
Reason Surrendered: Abandoned on street
Part of a Bonded Pair: YES
Sibling(s) Available for Adoption: N/A
Required Donation: $25 Application Fee + $300 Adoption Fee ($325 Total)
Shedding Amount: High

What We Do

Our team of dedicated volunteers will travel anywhere in the United States to rescue death row Huskies from high kill shelters. We bring them to Florida to be cared for and adopted

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